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Our Open Days have been a huge success. We’ve had an overwhelming number of registrations and can’t wait to welcome your dear little children to our nursery. Thank you to all the parents who came to visit us and for all the positive comments made about our wonderful nursery. Here are some comments from parents:

“I’ve seen a number of nurseries in Aylesbury and yours is by far the best !”
“The aquarium is amazing.”
“I’m very impressed.”
“I’m so excited, I don’t want to leave.”
“It’s much bigger than I expected.”
“Love the large bright rooms.”
“Lovely space in the garden.”
“The colours are great, you’ve done a great job.”
“I can’t wait for it to Open.”

The compliments go on and on … Thank you so much!
Special thanks go to our staff team – Cheryl, Chelestina and Gabriella for all their hard work and effort.
Our thanks also go to Head Office who have supported us throughout our journey.