Progress update

We are so pleased with the progress made at the nursery! As usual lots has been going on…

Aylesbury Vale have approved all our building plans which is great news!

All our structural alterations to the building have now been completed and we are essentially moving into the decoration phase of our project – yay!
The first coat of paint has gone up and I’m so impressed with the colours we’ve chosen. Thanks to our colour consultant the colours really compliment each other – they are bright, vibrant and just what the kids will love!

Take a look at the taps our toddlers and preschoolers will be using. Aren’t they simply gorgeous ! They have a special feature and our little ones are going to love using them.
Our flooring specialist has also started on site. Soon we’ll have safety flooring installed throughout so that our little ones don’t trip and fall 😊
There’s good news all round!!